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Program for nonprofits that helps chart a course through change

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Navigate Change Easily With Affordable Training & Know How

Leadership transition? Programmatic upheaval? Staff turnover? Pathfinder can help you find your way.

Pilot Peak Consulting is named after a mountain in northwest Wyoming that served as a beacon for pioneers seeking a path through the unchartered wilderness that became Yellowstone National Park. Just as the mountain helped explorers find their way, Pilot Peak’s Pathfinder program will help your organization navigate the challenges that stand between you and your goals.

With over 16 years of proven fundraising success, we know a lot about organizational change. We know that your organization constantly faces change – Board turnover, new programs, staffing changes. We also know that, as it was for explorers confronting a vast wilderness, change is daunting and the path forward isn’t always clear. Most importantly, we know that whether your organization thrives depends upon its ability to successfully navigate the challenge of change.

Pathfinder provides your organization with a seasoned guide to help you navigate change. Rather than simply doing the work for you, we educate you, your staff, and your board so you build internal capacity for long-term, sustainable change that will help you reach your goals.  We understand that while your goals are vast, the path to the summit is not always clear.


“Pathfinder” at a Glance

Focused on navigating through change, this flexible retreat program offers even the smallest nonprofits affordable access to time-tested, research-based strategies, proven tools and vetted advice.

It’s easy to customize Pathfinder to your nonprofit’s needs. Here’s how it works:

1.   Select Topics For Your Group

  • Choose the topic that is most pertinent to your needs today
  • Work with PPC to develop the right agenda, timing and plan for your retreat

2.   Participate in the One-Day Retreat

  • Participate in the group retreat any size team to work through chosen topics with Emma as your facilitator
  • Discuss, debate and determine appropriate plans of action
  • Access handouts, examples and proven frameworks and tools, includes articles, templates and action items
  • Engage in active, hands-on training

3.   Determine Next Steps

  • Discuss observations and suggestions
  • Leave with a clear action plan

Emma provided invaluable guidance…She is engaging, listens well to all input, and helped us build the right direction for our particular focus. She adapted to our unique situation and provided concrete tools to fit our needs.


Find Your Path Through Change With Pathfinder

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